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Sales Training for Automotive Manufacturing Industry Professionals

Sales teams in the automotive manufacturing industry face distinctive challenges — demanding adaptability to global competition, rapid technological advancements and undeniably complex decision-making processes contributing to extended sales cycles. 

Economic sensitivity, regulatory intricacies, and the necessity for effective relationship-building with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) underscore the need for a nuanced approach. The right automotive manufacturing sales training helps teams find that nuance through a stronger ability to handle objections, articulate benefits and deliver the sort of presentations that preserve long-term relationships.

Action Selling® can help your team develop all the critical selling skills needed to help your sales professionals remain competitive in such a dynamic market.

Why is automotive sales training important?

Sales training for the automotive industry — manufacturing, design, parts, repair, supply — equips teams with tailored strategies for driving adoption of innovative solutions, navigating regulatory complexity and building crucial relationships. Being able to more effectively address client objections and concerns helps shorten sales cycles, making it easier to gain and hold on to valuable revenue.

Why does your team need automotive sales training?

When conducting our Big Data Sales Training reports, we learned a lot about the strengths (and weaknesses) of most automotive industry sales teams. One thing we discovered was that when scores were low, they were often low across the board, showing a marked need for holistic training programs capable of sharpening multiple skills at once.

Another thing we discovered? One of the biggest issues with automotive sales — delivering effective presentations — can be over 111% improved with training.

What do you need for an effective automotive sales training program?

Program Content

Our process is research-backed and designed with care to help your sales team improve their five key selling skills. Proprietary assessments determine where your team currently stands. Once that’s documented, you’re given a complete, customized-for-you training system that involves preparation, training, reinforcement, assessment and — ultimately — certification.

Instructor Quality

We’ve had the pleasure of benchmarking and certifying over half a million salespeople over the last three decades. Our instructors are carefully vetted and, in many cases, award-winning. We’re proud to have been named a Top 20 Sales Training Company by Selling Power nine different times.

Delivery Format

All our training materials are tailored to your automotive sales team’s unique needs. Each lesson revolves around one of five critical selling skills known to drive measurable success. Training methods can vary — videos, assignments, assessments and more — but they always work to make sure your sales team remembers everything they learn.



  1. The Automotive Industry had lower pre-sales training scores and higher Post-Sales Training scores than the Universe in Knowledge of Presentation Skills. The industry improved dramatically more than the Universe in Knowledge of this skill (49% Vs 27%).
  2. Automotive was on par with the Universe in pre-sales training Application scores in Presentation Skills. Post-Sales Training scores were higher which resulted in a greater gain in this skill compared to the Universe.
  3. The enormous improvement in the Application of Presentation Skills (111%) showed tremendous progress in the use of this critical skill.