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Animal Pharmaceutical Sales Training: Optimizing Animal Medical Sales

Working in animal pharmaceutical and medical sales presents a lot of potential challenges: understanding the dynamics of the diverse veterinary industry, facing intense competition, complying with strict regulations, building and maintaining relationships with clinics, keeping up with technological advancements, managing time constraints, staying knowledgeable about products, and addressing ethical considerations. 

The best way to rise above these challenges is by investing in animal pharmaceutical and medical sales training that helps your team develop the skills they need to boost their close rate and, in turn, your bottom line.


Why is Animal Pharmaceutical Sales Training Important?

By acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills through training, your sales team can make informed decisions while providing valuable support to veterinary professionals and ultimately contributing to the overall health and well-being of animals. 

Long story short: via the right animal medical sales training, everybody wins. Additional benefits include:

  • It helps sales professionals understand the unique needs of veterinary professionals. By gaining knowledge about veterinary practices, clinical protocols and treatment options — sales representatives can effectively communicate with veterinarians and provide appropriate solutions.
  • Training helps equip sales professionals with comprehensive knowledge of animal pharmaceutical drugs, including risks and benefits. This understanding enables them to educate veterinarians on proper usage, potential side effects, contraindications and optimal dosage. By effectively conveying this information, your sales team can play a vital role in ensuring safe and responsible medication use, helping to safeguard animal welfare.
  • Animal pharmaceutical sales training emphasizes ethics. Sales professionals learn to prioritize animal well-being, promote evidence-based practices and adhere to regulatory guidelines when they’ve been through the right training. This focus on ethical conduct helps maintain the integrity of the industry and ensures commitment to the highest standards of professionalism.

Effective Animal Medical Sales Training Techniques

The right training regime will help your team develop aptitude with the following techniques:

  • Highlighting the benefits of your products helps differentiate them from competitors and demonstrates a customer-centric approach. By showcasing how your offerings effectively solve customer problems and fulfill their specific needs better than alternatives, you create a unique selling proposition that sets you apart. 
  • Building trust is crucial in the manufacturing industry. When customers trust a sales professional, they are more likely to engage in open and honest communication, share important information, and be receptive to recommendations. Trust reduces skepticism, mitigates perceived risks, and instills confidence in the salesperson’s expertise and commitment to delivering value. 
  • Active listening plays a pivotal role in understanding customers. By attentively and empathetically listening, sales professionals gain a deep understanding of customer needs, challenges, and preferences. Active listening fosters trust and rapport, as customers feel heard and valued.

What do you need for a successful animal pharmaceutical & medical sales training program?


Program Content

Our process is research-backed and uses a defined success path that gives you everything you need to meet your goals and quotas:

  • Preparation
  • Training
  • Reinforcement
  • Assessment
  • Certification

Our proprietary assessments help determine where your team stands currently. Once that’s determined, you’re provided a complete video training system customized to your needs.

Instructor Quality

Over the last three decades, we’ve certified half a million salespeople using our animal pharmaceutical and medical sales skills training. Some of our instructors have even been given accolades for their work!

We’re proud to have been awarded by industry leaders like Selling Power, who has named us a Top 20 Sales Training Company nine times.

Delivery Format

We tailor all our sales training to your specific requirements. Our lessons revolve around the five essential selling skills that drive measurable success — the key factors that greatly enhance your closing abilities. We employ various methods to disseminate this valuable information, including virtual sales training, skill-reinforcement assignments, virtual assessments and beyond. Our ultimate objective is to ensure that your team retains everything necessary for long-term success.



  1. Knowledge scores showed very similar gains to the Universe in the skill of Asking for Commitment.
  2. With 151% improvement in Application, the Agriculture Industry salespeople showed that the inability to Ask for Commitment is clearly correctable with training.
  3. Sales performance improvement and training ROI was dramatic in the Agriculture Industry based on the sizable improvement in Gaining Commitment skills.