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Agriculture Sales Training: Unlock Your Sales Team's Full Potential

Boosting Your Agriculture Sales Team’s Performance with Proven Training Techniques

Having the right data to inform strategic decisions is integral to the agriculture industry, which means it’s integral to the agriculture sales industry. It’s important to connect your solutions to the things those in agri-business care about — from resource allocation and yield optimization to equipment manufacture and forestry management.

Relating to their interest in sustainability is also key. Resource scarcity is a worry. Environmental impact is a worry. How does what your sales team is offering assuage those worries? 

By understanding your potential clients and better understanding emerging markets and consumer trends, you’ll be able to increase your close rate and deepen your relationships. The right, customized-to-you agriculture sales training program can help you accomplish that with ease.

Common Challenges and Solutions for Agriculture Sales Training

1. In-depth Industry Knowledge

2. Effective Communication and Relationship Building

3. Sales Process Mastery 

4. Negotiation Skills

Continual Improvement through Advanced Training Techniques

The right agriculture sales training will help your team develop aptitude with a variety of techniques, including:

  • Hands-on Workshops. Hands-on workshops are an effective agri-business sales training technique as they provide participants with practical experience and application of sales concepts. These activities help learners develop skills, build confidence and reinforce knowledge through experiential learning.
  • Role-Playing Exercises. Role-playing exercises are valuable as they simulate real-life sales interactions. Role-playing enhances skills like active listening, handling objections and maintaining empathy — preparing sales professionals to handle diverse customer scenarios with ease.
  • Ongoing Mentorship and Support. Mentors with industry experience offer personalized insights, help identify areas for improvement, and share best practices. This one-on-one support fosters professional growth and builds confidence.


Customized training solutions to fit your organization’s needs
Talk about action selling programs through the following lenses:

Program Content:

The Action Selling ® process is built upon and around data and research. We’ve taken data from different industries, teams, and companies to figure out the most efficient path to success. We took that data and turned it into custom agriculture sales training programs that give you everything you need to meet your goals:

  • Preparation
  • Training
  • Reinforcement
  • Assessment
  • Certification

Our proprietary assessments help determine where your team currently stands. After that, you’re provided with a complete video training system. This system features two moderators and eight actors demonstrating the practical skills your team needs help with and how those skills apply in real-life.

Instructor Quality:

Over the last 30 years, we’ve had the opportunity to certify nearly half a million salespeople using our certified agriculture sales training. We’re honored to have a team that has earned accolades from industry leaders like Selling Power, who has named us a Top 20 Sales Training Company nine times.

Delivery Format: 

Our agriculture sales training programs are crafted with you in mind. They’re built upon the five selling skills most likely to help your agri-business’s sales team close. That information is distributed in a variety of ways: virtual sales training, skill-reinforcement homework, virtual assessments, and more. The goal? Making sure your team remembers everything they need to succeed long term.