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Sales Training Programs

Action Selling is the most effective program for the transfer of selling skills into real world application. On average, our customers improve their Sales Skill Knowledge by 43% and Sales Skill Application by 85%.

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Are Weak Sales Skills Hurting Your Company?

  • 64% of Salespeople Fail to Ask for Commitment During Sales Calls
  • Learn to Gain Agreement at Every Call Using Our Proven Sales Process
  • Action Selling can Shorten Sales Cycles by 25% and Increase Sales Growth by 6X
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2016 Training Industry Top 20 Sales Training Company

We serve every size and type company from startups to Fortune 50.

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Customer Success

“Over the last 10 years we had significant growth of $265 Million with $100 Million organic. Action Selling has really given us a system and a process we can consistently use out in the field with our customers…”

Mark Dennis, VP Sales & Marketing – Veolia

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Awarded 2016 Top Sales Training Company

  • Depth and Breadth of Training
  • Innovative Offerings
  • Contributions to the sales-training market
  • Strength of client satisfaction
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Action Selling Consistently Improves Sales Productivity

Since 1990, Action Selling Sales Training and Sales Certification Programs have consistently increased revenue, grown margins and improved the sales culture for thousands of businesses worldwide. Simply put – Our Sales Training Programs work. Your salespeople will become top producing sales professionals. Your sales managers and trainers will become effective sales coaches. And whether your business consists of a few reps or a large, global sales force, the impact of Action Selling will be your differentiating factor.

Measure Sales Training

If you can’t measure it, don’t do it.  The Action Selling training system includes training measurement reporting that compares before, during and after scores on all of the Critical Selling Skills.  You’ll know who’s learning it and who’s applying it.
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Sell Like Buyers Buy

If selling isn’t a process, it continues to be a problem.  Action Selling is the best documented sales process in the world. This makes it easy to learn and reinforce.  Based on sound logic, Action Selling helps salespeople walk the customer through their buying process.
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Action Selling is a complete sales training system for learning and applying Best-in-Class selling skills. You’ll come to a workshop prepared to apply new selling skills to your environment. Use our multi-million dollar online system to reinforce and certify Action Selling Skills.
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Award Winning Online Training

Action Selling Skills eLearning is the opposite of most sales training eLearning products.  It’s fun and captivating.  While you learn how to develop your Sales Skills, our Avatar facilitator (Jessica) and Action Selling HD Video training examples will definitely hold your interest.
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The New Action Selling

A Quick Read That Will Boost Your Sales -- Guaranteed! The Action Selling series of sales books will help you achieve quota, sell bigger deals, shorten selling cycles and retain your customers.

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ACTION SELLING – Top 20 Sales Training Company

“Congratulations. This is a very deserving candidate! What Duane Sparks does for the world of selling is simply incredible! “

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Stay up-to-date on the best ideas for sales training, sales coaching and selling skills. Our sales blogs will give you great ideas for boosting your team’s sales performance.

Quantity vs. Quality

If you have sharp enough sales skills to ask great questions and uncover a precious few vital needs that a customer truly cares about, why don’t you then go ahead and sell to those needs—only those needs? Before you say, “But I already do that,” ask yourself this: How...

Sales Training in Action: First, Redefine Your Product

“It is awesome to see the growth in confidence in our sales force after we got everyone crystal clear about our sales process,” says Todd Eber, president of W.A. Roosevelt Co., a wholesaler of electrical and plumbing products based in La Crosse, Wis. Eber is referring...

Sales White Papers

These Sales Training and Sales Coaching articles and whitepapers will give you great ideas for developing a better sales culture and improving your team’s selling skills.

Big Data Reveals the Best Way to Develop Sales Talent

Can Sales Training Big Data Answer Big Questions?

If you’re looking for sales training, New Big Data reveals the right approach to designing sales training that produces maximum business results.  Are you asking any of these Big Questions?

  • What sales skills are proven to create the greatest improvement in sales performance?
  • How enormous is the sales skill deficiency that exists within my sales team?
  • How can I tell which individuals on my team lack critical sales skills?
  • Why is the ultimate solution to embed these selling skills in every customer-contact employee (not just salespeople)?