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Everyone has experienced a great seminar. You laughed, you cheered, you took notes. But, a month later, you could barely remember the name of the speaker, much less the things you “learned.”

Research shows that 87% of information delivered in seminars and workshops is forgotten in just 30 days. After that, the retention rate gets worse.

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Why does Action Selling “stick”? There isn’t one thing that makes it stick…there are hundreds of things. And, you can have them in a nice neat package.

  • The Best Documented Sales Methodology
  • Focused on the Most Important Selling Skills
  • Custom Tailored to Your Company
  • Best Sales Practices Documented
  • Integrated Coaching Process for Managers
  • Systematic Reinforcement
  • Measures Learning and Application of Learning

Hear what our customers have to say about Action Selling Sales Training.

“Action Selling is a great sales process that instills discipline to consistently gain sales commitment from customers.”

Adam Auffart

Regional Manager, Southern Imperial

“The biggest impacts on our results with the Action Selling Process?

  • We have seen a 50% decrease in the time from discovery to close.
  • We are not discounting our price! This is a huge win for our group.
  • Our YOY growth is 275%!

The 9 Acts of Action Selling is the number one reason for these results. I couldn’t be more excited to be the champion for this process within our organization!”

Trent Thompson

Director of Sales Operations, Tour de Force

“As you are aware of my 20 years’ service with Sico, I felt slight complacency had crept into my sales presentations and the Action Selling has reinvigorated me to become a professional salesperson moving forward. 

I look forward to accreditation over the coming months and implementing the power of action selling. 

Steve, your presentation was fantastic, informative and fun.”

Matt Castles

Regional Sales Manager, SICO

“I was quite impressed how Steve was able to understand our complex sales/distribution model and use it for our role playing.  Our team was engaged and seemed to enjoy and learn during the sessions…they had many questions.  Steve was exceptional – he addressed issues we face in our everyday business.”

Barbara Harrison

Director Customer Support, Hoshizaki America

“The best take away for me has been to just be quiet after quoting a price. This has made my life so much easier, and higher margin in my sales. ”

Emery Giskaas

Sales Executive, Hoven Equipment

“I want to share with you just how wonderful Action Selling is. I live by the steps every day in my career, if other salespeople could only realize how easy it is! I have been top seller at every business I’ve worked at because of you. Thank you so much!”

Justin Kurtz

Interactive Print Consultant , Mines and Pines

“I felt the test was a really good reinforcement of the program and process the way it was laid out. Action Selling has truly helped me be a better sales person. This is the best sales program I have ever gone through.”

Greg Scharf

National Accounts Manager, Igloo Products Corp.

“Action Selling is more structured which I like because I’ve taken a lot of sales training that didn’t have any follow up. The pre and post work will help all of us incorporate what we are learning, creating habits and a better sales culture.”

Mark VanDyke

CHS Farmers Alliance

“Wheels Up recently brought their team on board to do a 12 weeks sales training program called Action Selling. As I told you in my previous email, I’ve been thru several sales trainings and have despised every one of them. This program isn’t some bunch of b.s., it’s real and it’s methods make total sense in every way. In Santa Monica last week, we did a 2 day intense workshop to kick off our program with them. I was amazed and am totally bought into their process. It works, and the data is there to prove it. It simplifies the selling process, and I think it would be huge for your sales team at Force, especially given the recent reorganization you did with all of your group and the new structure you have in place.”

Brad Pendergrass

Vice President of Sales, Wheels Up

“Action Selling has definitely given me the leg up I needed to help make sales. Especially the bigger sales I’ve made. I don’t believe I would have attained some of those sales if I wouldn’t of had the Action Selling training.”

Robert Matulka

Certified Energy Specialist, Frontier Coop

“Action Selling is a great training program with very simple yet very effective steps in reaching sales goals. I took the course not knowing what to expect, and came out if it with a wealth of knowledge. Going into a sales call without a Commitment Objective is no longer an option. As we progress into our company’s bright sales future, our “Plan to Win” mentality will utilize the 9 Acts of the sales cycle to help reduce our sales cycles, increase sales throughput, and help us to all speak the same lingo. Thank you to Action Selling!”

Meng Yang

Account Sales Representative, PIC Wire & Cable

“The Action Selling program is an excellent and comprehensive formula for increasing sales.”

Jim Lamont

Pioneer Rim & Wheel CO.

“Action Selling provides a tremendous foundation in which to build a strong sales team. I enjoyed the interactive workbook exercises, role plays, and videos. Most importantly, the facilitator really did his homework!! Great job!!!!”

Kendal Senior Living

“Action Selling is about common language and moving forward as a group. I’ll be able to onboard new staff faster and much better. Wish I would have known some of this stuff when I started! Also, it’s not ‘just another meeting’ this is an opportunity to gain a network of peers and learn from each other.”

Cory Palm

CHS (Napoleon)

“Thank you so much for the great training! For the first time ever I wasn’t nervous going to a customer meeting—I had my plan and knew exactly what I was going to do.

I seriously cannot describe how much better I feel in sales now having done Action Selling training. I could even tell a difference in the quality of my cold calls today. You have yourself another Action Selling believer!”

Melissa Houle

Business Development, Unisource Worldwide, Inc., a Veritiv company

“I wanted to relay my first face to face experience using Action Selling. My Commitment Objective was to gain the business without putting it out for public bid.

When I met with Finance, I summarized the results of all the meetings I’ve had so far and asked a couple questions. I asked her, “What, in her mind, would be the most important outcomes for the project?” She was CLEARLY taken aback…as if no one had EVER asked her this.

At the end of the meeting she said, ‘I am very comfortable moving forward with you. This Action Selling system works!”

Cole Saxton

Saxton Bradley, Inc

“Action Selling is amazing. I have been using it daily and it quickly became a way of life and I LOVE IT! My division had an outstanding year in 2014 (we rocked it) and 2015 is going to be even better. I credit the success to the knowledge and skills I gained through my Action Selling certification process. So I just want to say Thank You!”

Susie Martin, SAM

Sunrise Skilled Nursing & Rehab

“The Action Selling course has been very beneficial. Action Selling provides a structure for the sales process that transcends different industries or customers so it can be easily applied to a number of different situations. By training our sales staff on the action selling program, we will have an enterprise wide program that will provide consistency across business units and geographies and improve our sales culture as we strive to grow our business in what looks to be a few years of a challenging economy.

The experience of the instructors was very helpful in bringing real world examples to the classroom. The network we developed of other sales managers and sellers will provide a great support group as we take the sales culture of CHS forward.”

Jim Miller

CHS Primeland

“We have 85 sales reps currently selling our services. Prior to engaging in sales training our phone calls lacked structure. They didn’t have a logical progression from start to finish. We saw salespeople that averaged 20 minute calls and those that had only 3 minute calls. We had tried scripted messaging from a company that specialized in telemarketing and that just didn’t work. We taught people the 40 or 50 things that they had to say along with stories to tell. What we heard over and over again was: “I want to think about it.”

“What we learned was that our people never stopped to find out what the person needed. So, the salesperson didn’t do a good enough job of selling themselves as a person that cared about the customer’s situation. And, they weren’t doing a good enough job of connecting the customer’s needs to the solutions that CBR or our service could provide. So we changed that with Action Selling.”

“We saw an immediate impact in two key areas: First, our sell cycle dropped like a rock. It is 50% shorter than before Action Selling. Second, we increased our enrollment yield on inbound calls by 20%. My biggest surprise is how a surprisingly simple program can be so surprisingly effective.”

Matthew Martin

Director of Customer Engagement, Cord Blood Registry

“A lot of the folks who enter the accounting profession are introverted, and selling is not natural for any of us, but our firm has realized that each of us must be accountable to help grow our business.  Action Selling works for us!  It doesn’t feel like selling.  As a result our team is more confident in selling situations and we are winning more opportunities.”

“We are process oriented. The services that we provide, like tax, audit, and payroll services require adherence to processes to deliver our high-quality work product. Action Selling is a great fit for us because it is also a repeatable process. We are focused on practicing Action Selling in every customer interaction we have.”

“We made a call on the CFO of a large company…After our initial call, he said to me: ‘That was one of the better meetings I’ve ever been in. It was different because you asked us questions and listened to us much more than you talked about you. You seem to care more about us than you.’ That victory over several formidable competitors gave us an extra shot of confidence – that confidence is something you can’t put a dollar value on.”

Jim Stelten

Partner in Charge of CPA Services, KDV

“Quiktron wanted complete alignment of all customer-facing employees on a common sales language. That meant that field sales, inside sales, marketing and tech support would all be on the same system for sales strategy. It has been amazing how the common language of Action Selling drives accountability from the inside of this company to the outside.”

“Tools like the Reaction Question that Action Selling uses to follow a feature and benefit, are even more critical for inside people than outside. Since we aren’t face-to-face we absolutely need to hear how well what we are presenting as a solution is hitting the mark.”

“When you see so many examples of employees in all departments using the skills that you teach, you know that your training is working.”

“There are several things that we teach in Action Selling that are even more important for inside people than outside. We’ve learned the difference between merely helping our customer and gaining commitment to buy from us…We always have a Commitment Objective that moves the relationship forward.”

Christine Corbine

Director of Sales, Quiktron

“Our sales team will better understand the five principles of a buyer’s decision and use these skills to ask the best questions to gain loyalty and build relationships. By learning the action selling process, structure, and asking for commitment will allow us to differentiate ourselves from our competition.”

Deke Stejskal

CHS (Grand Meadow)

“The 9 Acts of Action Selling has helped our entire sales team to better understand the sales process; and has helped differentiate our company and solutions from the competition using the “ask-the-best questions” and “active listening” skills.”

Chris Zins

Intercomp Company

“Thank you very much for this training. I have noticed how my interactions with customers are different now. They are more like a conversation between friends than a direct sales pitch, and I find it much easier to get commitment and build loyalty with my customers. This is going to be a great tool for me to use, and will get even better the more I use it. Again, thank you for this.”

Dave Cattanach

UFA Co-operative Limited

“I had a person in charge of purchasing for a hospital. They liked our product, but stalled at the end when it came time to ask for a order. I used my best TFBR and was able to get the order. ”

Charles Stewart

Hoshizaki Southeastern

“Action Selling has provided me with an insight into the sales process like I’ve never seen in other sales training programs.

By following the logical process of the buying decision and setting a proper commitment objective, I know I will increase my sales and better support my company, my customers, and myself in my sales career.”

Gordon Inkpen

District Sales Manager , Grundfos Canada

“I feel like I can lead the sales call better with Action Selling. It has taught me to not give up when faced with a stall or objection and to slow the process down and not just quote a price and assume the buyer knows the benefits of buying our product.”

Shannon Fullenkamp

Sales Rep, Tractor and Equipment

“Action Selling has been an eye opener. It showed our team things we never thought about and made us as a team realize how to ask the best questions to our clients. I try to apply Action Selling to every day life.”

Mohammad Kari

Business Engineer , DATAMARK, Inc.

“The day after I got back from the Action Selling Seminar, I had a proposal presentation meeting with a school to resurface their running track. Using the Action Selling Techniques of asking for commitment and confirming the sale, I was able to sell this job on the spot, which is very rare in our industry. I am definitely excited to see the heights that Action Selling takes our company!”

Joseph Schuit

Business Development , Byrne & Jones Sports Construction

“The New Action Selling book is Fantastic! I love the Best Questions Map as well as the 9 Acts of the Sale and 5 Decisions the prospects go through sequentially.”

John Volpe


“Action selling has helped me to become much more efficient in my role and gain commitment from my dealers to engage in more practices that will help them be more profitable long term.”

Nick Harvey

Product Specialist , AGCO

“Action Selling makes sense in today’s market and allows you to expand upon a simple plan for success that is applicable across all selling platforms.”

Dalton Royer

Sales Engineer, Superior Industrial Equipment

“I do not typically sell directly to our customers here at CHS as I am the location manager. Our agronomists do the majority of the sales. I took this class so that I may be able to aid or influence their sales and help provide options and support to gain future business for our company. This class was very eye opening for me and has provided me a way to influence our agronomist to ask the right questions, and give them suggestions on how to handle the comment “The price is too high”. Hoping that in the future we will be able to sell more on our quality and service and avoid the price conversations so often. I would recommend this class to any manager, even if they are not directly tied to sales.”

Martin Hagen

Location Manager , CHS

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