In prospecting, your objective most often is to persuade a new customer to agree to meet with you face-to-face. To gain that commitment, you must convince the prospect that you are someone worth meeting. Every customer’s first major buying decision is whether to buy you—the salesperson. They’ll never decide to buy your products before they’ve bought you.

You must begin to “sell yourself” in your very first call on a new prospect.

Here is a quick, four-step prospecting strategy that allows you to begin “selling yourself” immediately.

1. Introduce yourself: Use your people skills to politely introduce yourself and your company. Say please, say thank you, and use the prospect’s name twice.
You: Hello, (first and last name) please?
Answer: This is he/she.
You: Thank you, (first name). This is (your first and last name). I’m with (company).

2. Gain Attention: Make a very brief capabilities statement about your company. What is the most appealing thing you can say about your company’s offerings? Choose a capability that is fairly universal, so as not to eliminate any potential customers.
My company, (its name), has created a remarkable software product that makes it extremely easy for our customers to create and maintain product catalogs, then produce them in just about any media from paper to Internet…..