No, You Don’t Know What You Are Selling – Yet!

You know your product, its features and its benefits. You have a well-rounded presentation that explains all of this, complete with visual aids. So why waste a prospect’s time with chitchat? Shouldn’t you launch straight into your presentation?

No, you shouldn’t, and here’s why. No matter how good it is, your generic presentation casts your product or service as a commodity, not as a solution to the particular customer. Customers don’t care about your products; they care about their own problems and opportunities. They want to know that you understand their problems before you start talking about how your wares can “solve” them.

You think you have a cool product presentation? So does every competitor you’ve got.

When salespeople understand their customer’s needs before presenting their products, the presentation can be tailored to hit specific hot buttons. This also avoids many objections that commonly arise later in the sales cycle.

To find out “what to sell,” you need to exercise good questioning skills and gather information about the customer. The things you want to know fall into four categories…

Duane Sparks

About Duane Sparks

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