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“With Action Selling, we’ve grown organic revenue by $100 million and reduced our sales cycles by 30%. We get to more qualified buyers and avoid the price game. Action Selling has raised the professionalism of our entire sales force.”

Mark Dennis, VP of Sales, Veolia
“Since we started using Action Selling in 2011, we have averaged roughly 20% revenue growth per year since, including 40% the first year! Action Selling has proven to be a consistent and widely understood sales process that everyone in sales, administration and technical support practices daily.”

Chip Emery, CEO, Supply Chain Services
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“I want to share with you just how wonderful Action Selling is to read. I have read it numerous times and had many friends buy the book and complement its greatness as well. I live by the steps in this book every day in my career, if other salespeople could only realize how easy it is! I have been a top seller at every business I’ve worked at because of you. Thank you so much!”

Justin Kurtz, Interactive Print Consultant at Mines and Pines
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At CARQUEST, the Action Selling certified pilot group achieved an 11.1% sales increase over the previous year, compared with 1.9% for uncertified salespeople working in the same geographic region.