TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY IMPROVEMENT IN THE CRITICAL SALES SKILL #4: PRESENTATION SKILLS PRESENTATION SKILLS are best when Company/Product capabilities are presented as solution to a need that the salesperson and the customer had previously agreed upon. When Company/Product capabilities are presented by first restating the Customer’s need and then explaining the capability and benefits of the capability, the customer will perceive what you are presenting as a solution to their needs. Great presenters follow each solution presentation with a question that helps them understand if their solution is hitting the mark. This question pulls the customer into the conversation. BigData SalesTrainingReport Technology k ps - Technology Industry Sales Training: Presentation Skills BigData SalesTrainingReport Technology a ps - Technology Industry Sales Training: Presentation Skills REMARKABLE FINDINGS ABOUT PRESENTATION SKILLS IN THE TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY
  1. The Technology Industry had higher Pre-Sales Training scores than the Universe in Knowledge of Presentation Skills. Technology improved 5 points more than the Universe in Knowledge of this sales skill.
  2. Technology Industry was slightly above the Universe in Pre-Sales Training Application scores in Presentation Skills. Post-Sales Training scores were on par with the Universe which resulted in a significant gain in this sales skill.
Even though the Technology Industry underperformed the Universe by 2 points in Knowledge gain and 8 points in the Application of the Knowledge the overall improvement of 76% skill gain is remarkable.