The following is a customer testimonial of the Action Selling program.

I thought you would appreciate some feedback from my first week’s experience with Action Selling! This is a bit long but I am so darned excited and enthusiastic about this that I have to get it off my chest!

In a nutshell Brian I can summarize in a few short words ‘AWESOME”, ‘INCREDIBLE’ and ‘FANTASTIC’. Over my 40 year working career I have taken many, many courses. But let me tell you, this is the first one that truly delivers immediate results when applied! I have been astonished this week at how fast I got results! The following is a sample of some highlights from this week.

Automotive Solutions
By asking questions and more questions and planting ideas I uncovered a need for a Smoke Machine. Long and short of it I sold him an EVAP222 plus the fluid to go with it!

I also gained an agreement to take the owner to visit my Tech-Net customer (Byron Auto) where we learned of other equipment needs. Today I quoted him on four more pieces of equipment: Motorvac Oil Clean, Carbon Clean and Coolant Changer (approx $10,000).

Unbelievable results that I cannot take credit for! I must give the credit to Action Selling and asking questions! It works!

Brake Kits
I sold 10 brake kits in total this week to the following shops; Jim’s Service, Automotive Solutions, West End Auto Care, Byron Auto, Hanford, McEwen/Hartley, Nationwide Tire. I got these because now I am Asking for the Commitment!

Fordham Truck
This is a fleet service center. In addition to getting them to set up an account, I determined they also do complete engine overhauls. I got their commitment to use our machine shop for machine shop work!

I’ve been working this account for the last couple of months trying to get their machine shop work. But this time I went in with a Commitment objective to get them to commit to using us…and guess what…by presenting our solution and asking for commitment…he said “I WILL COMMIT TO USE CARQUEST MACHINE SHOP ON MY NEXT CYLINDER HEAD”.

This will be both a new account for us and a new Machine shop customer! Awesome stuff this ACTION SELLING!…much faster results and shorter lead times!

Nationwide Tire
The service manager was not happy with us on a previous situation. I’ve tried several times to overcome his resistance. This time using Action Selling and asking lots of questions I regained the account! He asked us to build an engine for his race car!

Lambeth Service Center
This account I got set up a couple months ago and have been trying to get them to buy from us. They are a staunch CWS user for 25 years.

When I called this time I had a Commitment Objective to get their next order.

I asked why they haven’t tried us yet. I learned he has called a couple of times and our prices were extremely higher! My questions determined that when he called he didn’t identify himself by shop name and was given Cash 1 pricing!

When I explained it, I told him that this is a positive as it proves that CARQUEST does not sell to cash customers at his Dealer prices! Basically if we can’t identify you as a dealer, you don’t get dealer pricing! He was quite impressed!

I asked him for their next order…HE SAID YES!…Awesome!

Teeple Tire (Goodyear)
This is another new account I visited twice this week. The first visit I sold them on Labor Estimator for their Fastlink! On today’s visit I got them to call us for a $300 fuel pump!

This is only a sampling. There are more. My main message Brian, is that I am a believer in the ACTION SELLING process! One week has shown me the power in it’s application. THE ACTION SELLING PROCESS MADE SALES FOR ME.

I love ACTION SELLING. It is fantastic!!!!! Hope this helps other Sales Pros become believers too…Mal