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The Nonstop Sales Coach

November 2016 – Issue 150

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Dear Sales Executive:
How much better could your salespeople get at their jobs if you were able to sit down with each of them, in real time, and help them construct a detailed plan for every upcoming sales call they intend to make on every client? I’ll bet that even your above-average reps could improve significantly. I’ll bet your below-average salespeople could improve spectacularly.

Action Selling has now developed a mobile tool that lets you do essentially that. You can become a real-time coach, guiding each salesperson through an optimum sales process customized for each individual customer. You can do it any time, from anywhere.

Intrigued? Then please read on.

If you have a question about Action Selling’s new mobile sales-coaching application, Plan to Win + Replay the Call, click on “Ask The eCoach“.

We are committed to your professional success.

Duane Sparks Author of Action Selling

The Nonstop Sales Coach

If you have trained your salespeople in Action Selling, you are already way ahead of the game. But now, what is the optimum thing you could imaginably do to supercharge that training and squeeze the most value out of it?

How about this: Suppose you had a mobile online tool that would allow you to guide and advise each of your salespeople, in real time, as they planned every customer call. That would put you in the game on every call, even though you can’t be physically present. Together, you and your salespeople could continuously refine the skills and knowledge they gained in the sales training program.

Suppose you could continuously refine the skills your reps gained in training?

That tool now exists. We call it “Plan to Win + Replay the Call.” Here is how it works:

Whenever one of your reps completes a plan for a client call, you, the sales manager, get a copy of the plan on your computer or any online device. You see the client and the client’s company. You see the “milestone” in your own company’s sales process that the rep has reached with this client. You see the salesperson’s Commitment Objective for the call—the specific action the rep wants the client to agree to take that will move things forward to the next milestone in your sales process. You see the pre-planned questions the salesperson intends to ask to uncover the client’s most critical needs. And you see the salesperson’s strategy for gaining commitment.

In other words, you see a complete plan for each and every sales call your salespeople intend to make, structured and organized in the systematic, research-proven manner they learned in Action Selling training. You can coach, guide, nudge, remind, suggest, alter, praise, or overrule, according to your best judgment.

None of this is time-consuming, either for you or for your salespeople. The sales rep constructs the whole step-by-step plan simply by filling out a series of boxes on a computer or mobile device.

Wait, there’s more. If you’d like to see a summary of upcoming call plans by all of your salespeople, all in one place, just call up that summary on your dashboard. That gives you a convenient, immediate, and nicely detailed handle on what your entire sales force is up to—whom they are calling upon, the milestones they have reached with various clients, and how they plan to move the selling process forward.

But wait, there’s still more. I’ve only described the “Plan to Win” part. In the next issue of eCoach, we’ll talk about how this mobile tool helps with another key step in the Action Selling system: “Replay the Call.”

For now, let’s just say that this revolutionary online application offers you an unprecedented opportunity to take sales coaching to a whole new level. That translates into a new level for your company’s sales performance, as well.

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Learn more about the revolutionary coaching opportunities made possible by the new mobile Action Selling tool – Plan to Win + Replay the Call.