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Everything Salespeople Have Learned About Handling Objections is Dead Wrong. 

No doubt you’ve been exposed to several theories about how to handle an objection.  They are described such as: The 27 Most Common Objections and How to Handle Them.  Then, they list 27 forms of customer resistance and some sketchy ways to rebut them.  Don’t waste your time!

These “Secrets to Handling Objections” DON’T WORK!  And, they never have.  Learn the cutting-edge, factual method for dealing with this form of customer resistance:

  • What is the true definition of an Objection? 
  • How to avoid Objections in the first place?
  • Why Objections and Stalls are different animals?
  • Exactly what to do when an Objection is raised?

This 4-Minute Video, demonstrates a classic example of how to handle objections.  This video will open your eyes!  It will show you why your salespeople can’t handle objections.