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Action Selling 5-Book Pack (MP3)


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Action Selling 5-Book Pack (MP3)

The complete set of Action Selling sales books listed below are conveniently packaged as a 5-book series.

  • Action Selling: How to Sell Like a Professional, Even if You Think You Are One
  • Selling Your Price: How to Escape the Race to the Bargain Basement
  • Questions: The Answer to Sales
  • Masters of Loyalty: How to Turn Your Sales Force into a Loyalty Force
  • Sales Strategy from The Inside Out: How Complex Selling Really Works

Each book builds on the others by telling stories that create a beginning-to-end process; the Action Selling Process that delves deep into the very source of all buying decisions—inside the heads of buyers and sellers. Sparks’ writing style gives readers a way to learn his concepts while enjoying a story that unfolds within each book.

Based on Sparks’ own sales training program that has improved performance for more than 400,000 successful salespeople, the Action Selling Series delivers easy-to-understand answers to every complex question surrounding the intricacies of winning sales strategies.

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About the Author

In his more than 30 year career, Sparks has played a key role in building every sales organization he's worked for. He developed Action Selling while owner of one of the largest computer marketers in the United States. Even in the roaring computer business of the 1980s, his company grew six times faster than the industry norm, differentiating itself not by the products offered but by how his salespeople sold them. He founded The Sales Board in 1990 to teach the skills of Action Selling to others. Sparks personally facilitated more than 300 Action Selling training sessions and continues to engage in the business and art of the strategic sales process.

Sparks is author of five sales books. Most recently, he revised and updated his first book in the Action Selling Book Series: "Action Selling: How to sell like a professional, even if you think you are one." Additionally, The Sales Board launched Action Selling 3D, which brought the Action Selling sales system to the next level, focusing on strategic planning and sales strategy in highly complex selling environments.


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