Online LearningLink™

The Action Selling LearningLink™ is our unique online sales training portal. It is a key reason why Action Selling is so successful. Using LearningLink, sales people and managers actively participate in Reinforcement, Assessment and Certification on the 5 Critical Selling Skills taught in Action Selling.

LearningLink includes a variety of tools that dramatically enhance the learning experience as progress is made towards Certification in Action Selling. Regardless of where the sales person is located, LearningLink pulls training into a convenient, self-paced and/or instructor-led classroom.

For managers, the LearningLink provides real-time reporting that enables them to monitor and assess each student’s progress. This keeps everyone accountable to the online learning curriculum.

For sales people, LearningLink provides weekly Skill Drills, in-field exercises, online sales training videos, assessments and certification exercises. This reinforces learning, transfers new skills into consistent field success and prepares sales people for the Final Certification Assessment.

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