In the last issue of eCoach, I outlined my view of the difference between customer satisfaction and genuine customer loyalty. A satisfied customer will stick with you until a better deal comes along. Since competitors can quickly match or copy almost anything you do to gain an advantage, it won’t be long until that better deal shows up.

Truly loyal customers are those who value their relationship with you so highly that they have stopped shopping for the kinds of goods or services you provide. They are with you for the long haul. Your competitors’ enticements fall on deaf ears. Customers who are genuinely loyal to you simply aren’t interested in anyone else’s promises or prices or special deals.

If you have ever felt that sort of loyalty to a supplier, please think for a moment about the real object of your loyalty. Was it actually the company? I’ll bet it wasn’t. I’ll bet it was a person—or maybe a few people—who worked for that company.

People won’t go deaf to a company’s competitors. They will go deaf to the competitors of another person. Any customers, but especially B2B clients, are most apt to become loyal when they have developed a bond with a particular kind of person. This kind of person acts as a consultant, an orchestrator of resources and, above all, a relationship builder…

Duane Sparks

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