Sales Training White Paper

Here Comes the Bandwagon

bandwagon mc - Landing: Here Comes the Bandwagon Whitepaper
“Never mind if the provocative idea is wrongheaded or even absurd; if one sales training company starts to see success with a new claim, others will hop on the bandwagon.”


Lately a lot of people in the sales-training industry have been making some pretty remarkable claims. As a jumping-off point, they usually start with this premise: Because customers now have so much access to information on the internet, the role of the salesperson has changed.

Hard to argue with that one, isn’t it? Things quickly get bizarre, however, because after pointing out so helpfully that the internet exists, these deep thinkers proceed to use the fact of the net’s existence to justify practically any claim that suits their purposes.

  • 57% of potential customers have made up their mind before the sales rep says hello.
  • Everyone is an “expert” – Customers will object and many sales reps attempt to “challenge/insight”
  • Why the Internet will never be a “shortcut” for a meaningful business relationship

“The path to creating those loyal relationships leads through the collaborative process I just described. That was true before the internet existed, and it’s true now.”
duane pic - Landing: Here Comes the Bandwagon Whitepaper