HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY IMPROVEMENT IN CRITICAL SALES SKILL #1: BUYER/SELLER RELATIONSHIP SKILLS BUYER/SELLER RELATIONSHIP is the salesperson’s knowledge of and ability to use a sales methodology to navigate through each of the customer’s incremental buying decisions in the proper sequence. When salespeople do this correctly, they experience an improved ability to gain commitments while building a lasting relationship with the client. BigData SalesTrainingReport Healthcare k bsr - Healthcare Industry Sales Training: Buyer/Seller Relationship Skills BigData SalesTrainingReport Healthcare a bsr - Healthcare Industry Sales Training: Buyer/Seller Relationship Skills REMARKABLE FINDINGS ABOUT BUYER/SELLER RELATIONSHIP SKILLS IN THE HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY
  1. Healthcare lead the Universe in Pre-Training Knowledge in this critical selling skill (64% Vs 60%) and was on par with Application at 47%.
  2. Application post-training scores fell well below the Universe (72% vs 77%).
Overall Application skill gain was still significant at 75%. Key skills that were enhanced included Sales Call Planning, Presentation Skills and Gaining Commitment. Many of the salespeople in Healthcare do not see themselves as “salespeople” and some resistance was evident. However, the increase in sales performance improvement from the elevation in selling skills was still dramatic with companies showing sales growth rates that increased by 6X the previous average.
Duane Sparks - Healthcare Industry Sales Training: Buyer/Seller Relationship Skills


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