HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY IMPROVEMENT IN THE 5 CRITICAL SALES SKILLS: ALL SKILLS COMBINED Mastery of the sales process requires salespeople to achieve Knowledge and Application scores of 75% or greater in each of the 5 Critical Sales skills. When this is accomplished, salespeople increase their sales rate by 6X. Salespeople who were trained but did not achieve certification levels, were 50% lower in sales growth than those who became certified. BigData SalesTrainingReport Healthcare k asc - Healthcare Industry Sales Training: All Skills Combined BigData SalesTrainingReport Healthcare a asc - Healthcare Industry Sales Training: All Skills Combined REMARKABLE FINDINGS ABOUT ALL SKILLS COMBINED IN HEALTHCARE
  1. The Healthcare Industry led the Universe in nearly every Critical Selling Skill prior to training.
  2. Healthcare companies improved their Application of Critical Selling Skills 9 points less than the average of 3500 companies in the study.
The Healthcare Industry started with selling skills that were generally above the Universe. It appeared that Healthcare salespeople were receiving some level of sales skills training prior to this training initiative. Final Knowledge and Application scores were on a par with the Universe. Since the Healthcare Industry started with higher pre-sales training scores, their gains were somewhat less than the Universe.