FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES IMPROVEMENT IN THE 5 CRITICAL SALES SKILL #5: GAINING COMMITMENT GAINING COMMITMENT is the ability to complete sales calls with a commitment that moves the sales process forward. The Application data shows that prior to training, 64% of sales calls end without the salesperson asking for a commitment. Since the ability to gain commitment is key criteria for hiring salespeople, it appears that nearly two-thirds of salespeople are not doing their job. Training remedied this with a whopping 120% improvement in salespeople Asking for Commitment. BigData SalesTrainingReport Fortune500 k gc - Fortune 500 Sales Training: Gaining Commitment BigData SalesTrainingReport Fortune500 a gc - Fortune 500 Sales Training: Gaining Commitment REMARKABLE FINDINGS ABOUT QUESTIONING/LISTENING SKILLS IN FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES
  1. The Fortune 500 showed lower Pre-Sales Training scores in both Knowledge and Application. It appears that Fortune 500 had little or no prior training in how to effectively Gain Commitment.
  2. With an incredible improvement in Application, Fortune 500 salespeople showed that there was significant opportunity to improve their ability to Ask for Commitment.
The Fortune 500 started with selling skills that were generally below the Universe. It appeared that Fortune 500 salespeople were not being trained in sales skills. Perhaps it is due to the perception that products and services from large companies do not require salespeople to add value to the sales equation…Fortune 500 products sell themselves rather than the salespeople.