FORTUNE 500 IMPROVEMENT IN CRITICAL SALES SKILL #1: BUYER/SELLER RELATIONSHIP SKILLS BUYER/SELLER RELATIONSHIP is the salesperson’s knowledge of and ability to use a sales methodology to navigate through each of the customer’s incremental buying decisions in the proper sequence. When salespeople do this correctly, they experience an improved ability to gain commitments while building a lasting relationship with the client. BigData SalesTrainingReport Fortune500 k bsr - Fortune 500 Sales Training: Buyer/Seller Relationship Skills BigData SalesTrainingReport Fortune500 a bsr - Fortune 500 Sales Training: Buyer/Seller Relationship Skills REMARKABLE FINDINGS ABOUT BUYER/SELLER RELATIONSHIP SKILLS IN FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES
  1. Fortune 500 was below the Universe in Pre-Sales Training Knowledge scores and equal to the Universe in Post-Sales Training Knowledge. Due to this, Fortune 500 had a greater skill gain in Buyer/Seller Relationship skills.
  2. The 19-point gap between Post-Sales Training Knowledge and Application is in an unacceptable range (96% – 77%). Gaps of 15 points or more require added training in a skill category.
The Fortune 500 started with selling skills that were generally below the Universe. It appeared that Fortune 500 salespeople were not being trained in sales skills. Perhaps it is due to the perception that products and services from large companies do not require salespeople to add value to the sales equation…Fortune 500 products sell themselves rather than the salespeople.
Duane Sparks - Fortune 500 Sales Training: Buyer/Seller Relationship Skills


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