FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES IMPROVEMENT IN ALL 5 OF THE CRITICAL SALES SKILLS Mastery of the sales process requires salespeople to achieve Knowledge and Application scores of 75% or greater in each of the 5 Critical Sales skills. When this is accomplished, salespeople increase their sales rate by 6X. Salespeople who were trained but did not achieve certification levels, were 50% lower in sales growth than those who became certified. BigData SalesTrainingReport Fortune500 k asc - Fortune 500 Sales Training: All Skills Combined BigData SalesTrainingReport Fortune500 a asc - Fortune 500 Sales Training: All Skills Combined REMARKABLE FINDINGS ABOUT THE FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES
  1. The Fortune 500 beat the Universe in Knowledge gain by 10 points. It blew away the Universe by 20 points in Application All Skills Combined.
  2. The improvements that were made provided a dramatic lift in Knowledge (53%) and a significant improvement in Application (106%). This easily justified the investment of time and money to train sales forces in the Fortune 500.
Salespeople responded very well to the training and achieved certification levels in the critical selling skills. Their ability to apply the skills was off the charts (55% – 181%). Their average improvement in Application of critical skills of 106% was as high as it gets in this study. Every individual skill improved at a greater rate than the Universe.
Duane Sparks - Fortune 500 Sales Training: All Skills Combined


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