DISTRIBUTION INDUSTRY IMPROVEMENT IN CRITICAL SALES SKILL #4: PRESENTATION SKILLS PRESENTATION SKILLS are best when Company/Product capabilities are presented as solution to a need that the salesperson and the customer had previously agreed upon. When Company/Product capabilities are presented by first restating the Customer’s need and then explaining the capability and benefits of the capability, the customer will perceive what you are presenting as a solution to their needs. Great presenters follow each solution presentation with a question that helps them understand if their solution is hitting the mark. This question pulls the customer into the conversation. BigData SalesTrainingReport Distribution k ps - Distribution Industry Sales Training: Presentation Skills BigData SalesTrainingReport Distribution a ps - Distribution Industry Sales Training: Presentation Skills REMARKABLE FINDINGS ABOUT PRESENTATION SKILLS IN THE DISTRIBUTION INDUSTRY
  1. The Distribution Industry had exactly the same Pre-Training scores as the Universe in Knowledge of Presentation Skills. Post-training scores were lower and produced less gain in Knowledge.
  2. Distribution was on par with the Universe in Pre-Training Application scores in Presentation Skills. Post-Training score were higher and resulted in a greater gain in this skills compared to the Universe.
Overall skill gain was significant. Key skills that were enhanced included Sales Call Planning, Presentation Skills and Gaining Commitment. Many of the salespeople in Distribution see themselves as “pure salespeople” and some resistance was evident when pre-sales training scores were lower than the salesperson expected. However, the increases in sales performance improvement from the elevation in selling skills was greatly appreciated because salespeople in Distribution are heavily compensated for improving sales and margins.