CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY IMPROVEMENT IN THE 5 CRITICAL SALES SKILL #2 SALES CALL PLANNING SALES CALL PLANNING is primarily focused on the salesperson’s knowledge and ability to plan sales calls that include a Commitment Objective. A Commitment Objective is a goal that salespeople set for themselves to gain an agreement from the customer that moves the sales process forward. Failure to do this is the most frequent mistake made by the salesperson. BigData SalesTrainingReport Construction k scp - Construction Industry Sales Training: Sales Call Planning BigData SalesTrainingReport Construction a scp - Construction Industry Sales Training: Sales Call Planning REMARKABLE FINDINGS ABOUT SALES CALL PLANNING SKILLS IN CONSTRUCTION
  1. Pre and Post training results were on par with the Universe in Knowledge and Application of Sales Call Planning.
  2. The improvement in the Application of Sales Call Planning skills alone created an economic justification for the entire training investment.
Salespeople responded very well to the training and achieved certification levels in all of the critical selling skills. Dramatic Application gains were made in Sales Call Planning, Presentation Skills and Gaining Commitment. Even though there were overall gains in Application, they fell well below the Universe. The Construction Industry can benefit from more practice using these critical selling skills.