CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY IMPROVEMENT IN CRITICAL SALES SKILL #1: BUYER/SELLER RELATIONSHIP BUYER/SELLER RELATIONSHIP is the salesperson’s knowledge of and ability to use a sales methodology to navigate through each of the customer’s incremental buying decisions in the proper sequence. When salespeople do this correctly, they experience an improved ability to gain commitments while building a lasting relationship with the client. BigData SalesTrainingReport Construction k bsr - Construction Industry Sales Training: Buyer/Seller Relationship BigData SalesTrainingReport Construction a bsr - Construction Industry Sales Training: Buyer/Seller Relationship REMARKABLE FINDINGS ABOUT BUYER/SELLER RELATIONSHIP SKILLS IN THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY
  1. Construction Industry was above par with the Universe in Pre-Training Knowledge scores and lower in Knowledge than the Industry in Post-Training scores. Therefore, skill gain was less than the Universe.
  2. The Construction Industry appeared to have had more training prior to this training initiative. However, they assimilated the training at a slightly lower rate than the Industry.
The Construction Industry started with selling skills that were slightly below the Universe in Knowledge (1 point) but higher in Application (3 points). It appeared that Construction salespeople were being trained in sales skills on a par with the Universe prior to sales training. Salespeople responded very well to the training and achieved certification levels in all of the critical selling skills. Dramatic Application gains were made in Sales Call Planning, Presentation Skills and Gaining Commitment. Even though the overall gains in Application were 73%, they fell well below the Universe at 86%. The Construction Industry can benefit from more practice using these critical selling skills.