AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY IMPROVEMENT IN CRITICAL SALES SKILLS #1: BUYER/SELLER RELATIONSHIP BUYER/SELLER RELATIONSHIP is the salesperson’s knowledge of and ability to use a sales methodology to navigate through each of the customer’s incremental buying decisions in the proper sequence. When salespeople do this correctly, they experience an improved ability to gain commitments while building a lasting relationship with the client. BigData SalesTrainingReport Automotive k bsr - Automotive Industry Sales Training: Buyer/Seller Relationship Skills BigData SalesTrainingReport Automotive a bsr 1 - Automotive Industry Sales Training: Buyer/Seller Relationship Skills REMARKABLE FINDINGS ABOUT THE BUYER/SELLER RELATIONSHIP IN THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY
  1. It is interesting that Automotive had Pre-Sales Training Application scores in Buyer/Seller Relationship were 6 points higher than the Universe. Since Post-Sales Training scores were level with the Universe, Application gains for this skill were lower than the Universe.
  2. The 19-point gap between Post-Sales Training Knowledge and Application is in an unacceptable range. Gaps of 15 points or more require added training in a skill category.
Since the critical selling skills work together (each skill enhances the other), developing all of them simultaneously provides the salesperson with a systemic approach to sales situations. Sales performance improvement happens while long-term sales relationships are enhanced. The Automotive Industry is a clear example of the need to develop ALL of the 5 Critical Selling skills.