ANIMAL HEALTH INDUSTRY IMPROVEMENT IN CRITICAL SALES SKILL #4: PRESENTATION SKILLS PRESENTATION SKILLS are best when Company/Product capabilities are presented as solution to a need that the salesperson and the customer had previously agreed upon. When Company/Product capabilities are presented by first restating the Customer’s need and then explaining the capability and benefits of the capability, the customer will perceive what you are presenting as a solution to their needs. Great presenters follow each solution presentation with a question that helps them understand if their solution is hitting the mark. This question pulls the customer into the conversation. BigData SalesTrainingReport AnimalHealth ps k - Animal Health Industry Sales Training: Presentation Skills BigData SalesTrainingReport AnimalHealth ps a - Animal Health Industry Sales Training: Presentation Skills REMARKABLE FINDINGS ABOUT PRESENTATION SKILLS IN ANIMAL HEALTH
  1. Animal Health was above the Universe in Pre-Sales Training Application scores in Presentation Skills. Post-Sales Training scores were higher than the Universe which resulted in a significant gain in this skill (40% to 80%).
  2. The enormous skill gains in the Application of Presentation Skills (100%) showed tremendous improvement in the use of this critical skill.
Animal Health appeared to have made investments in sales training prior to their investment in this training. This is demonstrated by slightly higher pre-sales Training scores than the Universe in nearly all of the 5 Critical Sales Skills. Animal Health was 3 points higher in Knowledge and 4 points higher in Application than the Universe in pre-sales training skills. The key to any training, however, is how much knowledge gain occurs and how much of it transfers into the field. Even though the Animal Health Industry underperformed the Universe, the gains are truly remarkable. Training professionals earn their keep with results like this.