ANIMAL HEALTH INDUSTRY IMPROVEMENT IN CRITICAL SALES SKILL #5: GAINING COMMITMENT SKILLS GAINING COMMITMENT is the ability to complete sales calls with a commitment that moves the sales process forward. The Application data shows that prior to training, 64% of sales calls end without the salesperson asking for a commitment. Since the ability to gain commitment is key criteria for hiring salespeople, it appears that nearly two-thirds of salespeople are not doing their job. Training remedied this with a whopping improvement in salespeople Asking for Commitment. BigData SalesTrainingReport AnimalHealth k gc - Animal Health Industry Sales Training: Gaining Commitment Skills BigData SalesTrainingReport AnimalHealth a gc - Animal Health Industry Sales Training: Gaining Commitment Skills REMARKABLE FINDINGS ABOUT GAINING COMMITMENT SKILLS IN THE ANIMAL HEALTH INDUSTRY
  • With the improvement in Application, the Animal Health Industry salespeople showed that the inability to Ask for Commitment is clearly correctable with training.
  • Even though sales performance improvement and training ROI were dramatic in the Animal Health Industry, based on the sizable improvement in Gaining Commitment skills, it appears that the industry could benefit from a better transfer of Knowledge into Application. Practice with Gaining Commitment is recommended.
Animal Health appeared to have made investments in sales training prior to their investment in this training. This is demonstrated by slightly higher pre-sales Training scores than the Universe in nearly all of the 5 Critical Sales Skills. Animal Health was higher in Knowledge and higher in Application than the Universe in pre-sales training skills. The key to any training, however, is how much knowledge gain occurs and how much of it transfers into the field. Even though the Animal Health Industry underperformed the Universe, a significant gain in Knowledge and a significant gain in the Application of the Knowledge is truly remarkable. Training professionals earn their keep with results like this.