AGRICULTURE INDUSTRY IMPROVEMENT IN THE CRITICAL SALES SKILL #5: GAINING COMMITMENT SKILLS GAINING COMMITMENT is the ability to complete sales calls with a commitment that moves the sales process forward. The Application data shows that prior to training, 64% of sales calls end without the salesperson asking for a commitment. Since the ability to gain commitment is key criteria for hiring salespeople, it appears that nearly two-thirds of salespeople are not doing their job. Training remedied this with a whopping 120% improvement in salespeople Asking for Commitment. BigData SalesTrainingReport Agriculture k gc - Agriculture Industry Sales Training: Gaining Commitment Skills BigData SalesTrainingReport Agriculture a gc - Agriculture Industry Sales Training: Gaining Commitment Skills REMARKABLE FINDINGS ABOUT GAINING COMMITMENT SKILLS IN THE AGRICULTURE INDUSTRY
  1. Knowledge scores showed very similar gains to the Universe in the skill of Asking for Commitment.
  2. Sales performance improvement and training ROI was dramatic in the Agriculture Industry based on the sizable improvement in Gaining Commitment skills.
Final Knowledge and Application scores were higher than the Universe. Overall skill gain was significant. Key skills that were enhanced included: Buyer/Seller Relationship, Sales call Planning, Presentation Skills and Gaining Commitment. Salespeople in Agriculture were hungry for sales training. They showed the highest level of sales skill improvement of any single industry. Salespeople responded very well to the training and achieved high certification levels in all of the critical selling skills. Their ability to apply the skills was off the charts! Every skill showed significant gains. This is an industry filled with salespeople eager to learn.