DIFFERENTIATOR # 1 – PREPARATION – Action Selling takes a very different approach to prepare students for the learning experience. We focus preparation in two areas:

  • A deep level assessment of the student’s pre-training skills.
  • Provide students with foundational information prior to the training.

Benchmark Assessment: We have found that when students have a better understanding of their needs for development they are far more receptive to the learning experience.

Learning Preparation: When students are provided with pre-workshop learning assignments on the fundamentals of Action Selling, they come to the workshop with better attitudes toward the learning. Rather than learning the fundamentals of Action Selling during the workshop, students are immediately able to focus on how the Action Selling skills are applied to their everyday work activities.

This is a much different approach than other sales training programs. Using the preparation strategy in Action Selling training, salespeople make a much faster and more permanent transfer of the skills. This results in an immediate payback from the investment of time and money in sales training.